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The Rio Negro waterfalls

The Rio Negro waterfalls are located in a hidden and secluded place, it is rare to find them wondering around randomly. In fact, after crossing a narrow gorge below locality "Prada", to be found between the hamlets of Miola and Faida, the Rio Negro plunges near "Erla" in Montagnaga, in the so-called Rio Negro waterfalls.

Before reaching the ground and continuing its flow in the valley of the same name, the Rio Negro makes a jump of many tens of meters, in several "springs".
You can admire this natural phenomenon by reaching the waterfalls from Erla and following the main road that leads to the village, after the last house, passing through the nearby strawberry plantations; or going down to the valley through the path marked in the woods, which starts exactly behind the church of the village of "Faida": follow the asphalted road  towards "Riposo di Pergine" for a short distance, until you reach the start of the path on the right.


Lengths: 3 km
Total difference in height: 130 m
Time needed: 45 min. (one way only)
Information: A.p.T. Piné Cembra, 0461 557028,