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Internet point

Internet connection points, where you can use computers with network access, free of charge or for a fee. At some of these, it is possible to access the Internet by connecting one's own devices to the Wi-Fi network.


Municipal Library - Via Pisetta, 2. Tel. 0461 689033 -

Baselga di Piné
L.A.C. Library (Libri Arte Cultura) - Via del Lido, 2/a. Tel. 0461 557951 -
Internet access via Wi-fi, also with own devices inside the library building 24/7.
Bar Al Bivio - Via. C. Battisti, 28. Tel. 0461 557364

Municipal Library - Fr. Centrale, Via Verdi, 16. Tel. 0461 556942 -

Municipal Library - c/o Palazzo Salvadori, piazzetta Salvadori, 1. Tel. 0461 853049 -

The use of internet points at the libraries is subject to the use regulations of the libraries themselves.

For opening hours of the libraries see the respective info page on our website.