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The sweet summer - ice cream and pastry

The Piné Plateau is happy to pamper you with its quality products and the sweetness of summer with unique flavors, colors and scents to discover and savor.

Tasting but not only: our operators will be happy to fulfill the sweetest wishes of those who want to experiment.

Discover the places of taste:



  •  Agrigelateria La Cà sul Lago - Via del Cagnòti, 3, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN - 340 861 9298 (artisan ice cream)
  • Le Mandre Farm - via S. Osvaldo, 37, 38043 Bedollo, TN - 0461 556709 (artisan ice cream)
  • Bar Pastry ice cream shop Serraia - Viale della Serraia, 3, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN - 0461 558177 (artisan ice creams, pastas and sweets)
  • Pastry Bar Bianco - Corso Roma, 121, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN - 0461 554244 (pastries and sweets)
  • Anesi Bakery - Via C. Battisti, 63, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN - 0461 557103 (pastries and sweets)