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The Ecomuseo Argentario

It is an ideal area for long walks to discover hidden places

The environment here has become more than ever a “Landscape”: unique, typical, rare and delicate in its internal equilibriums. The Ecomuseo Argentario is the result of the sensitivity of the plateau communities, the enthusiasm for their homelands, and the desire to maintain them alive and productive. This was why the Eco-Museum was opened in 2005, thanks to the commitment of the community with the support of the Town Councils of Civezzano, Fornace, Albiano and Trento, aimed at sustainable development and the protection and appreciation of an area that contains unique characteristics.
To speak of an eco-museum means speaking of the territory and of its exploitation at all levels by the population, not only environmental protection, but also innovative development in line with the context, sustainable and feasible. On this basis, the Ecomuseo Argentario has organised the territory according to themes: the natural environment of Mount Calisio Argentario, the ancient silver mines, the limekilns, the stone quarries, the fortifications, the archaeology, the monuments, the porphyry mining, traditional events: the language of the communities, human activities. Themes that are the basis of the visit and of the discovery of the territory, but above all the basis for development, awareness, the recovery of memory, work.

Information: Ecomuseo dell’Argentario, c/o Biblioteca Comunale di Civezzano Phone +39 0461858400