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Roccolo del Sauch

Very ancient system for catching birds

Roccolo del Sauch is a very ancient system for catching birds.
It is a plant construction of beech and pine trees, especially interwoven and pruned in order to create a tunnel with a grassy sward in the middle. When a large number of birds were on the sward in the middle of the tunnel, a scarecrow was waved from the hut, preceded by the bird catcher’s whistle.
The birds fled horizontally, straight into an almost invisible net stretched between the arches of the tunnel. Bird catching has been forbidden since 1968 and the centre was used for several years as an observatory and a didactic environmental centre.

The guided tour is a true naturalistic experience, to discover interesting, little-known places where animals roam free in their natural habitat. It starts near Lake Santo, an enchanting body of water located 1200 m ASL, where the nature guide will take you along the easy trail that leads to the Lagabrun protected area - a peat bog that is home to rare plant and animal species. You will cross the meeting point between limestone and porphyry plaques, until you reach the original complex of the Roccolo del Sauch [Sauch Bird Snare]. Here, the guide will tell you the story of how it was built, its purpose, and how it was used. During the migration period, and with a bit of luck, you will be lucky enough to spot many birds passing through.
Remember to bring your binoculars!



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