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Discovering the flavors and tastes

The wine and gastronomy of the Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley feature genuine flavours which respect the mountain traditions. Real temptations that are difficult to resist: from the wines to the grappas, from the cheeses to the chestnuts, from the honey to the forest fruits, without forgetting the mushrooms of our woods.
The Cembra Valley is one of the most characteristic areas of Trentino, thanks to its landscape modelled by the vineyards that descend towards the River Avisio, where the environment wine and gastronomy meet in a winning combination which culminates in two events of great importance:  the Müller Thurgau Review in July and the Grape Festival in the last week of September. 
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blackberries are some of the small fruits growing on the Piné Plateau and in the Cembra Valley, delicacies of the palate that can be tasted alone or as tasty fruit juices, jams or preserves, which can be enjoyed in small doses as also the sweet honey, the cheeses and the salamis. All these delicacies can also be bought not only from the farms of the area, but also in the street market of local produce held every Sunday at Baselga di Piné.

Walking through the uncontaminated woods, in respect of the laws in force, there are plenty of occasions to pick the highly perfumed mushrooms, forest fruits, walnuts and chestnuts, the natural products of our land, which are used by the local restaurateurs to create wholesome and healthy main courses.
A holiday on the Piné Plateau and in the Cembra Valley also becomes a holiday for the palate, a wine-gastronomy tour to discover the flavours of tradition and nature. A real pleasure for the body and for the spirit.


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