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The `Acqua Fredda` archaeological area

One of the most important prehistoric foundries of Europe

At the Redebus Pass (1440 m), which links the Piné plateau to the Mocheni Valley, is located the archaeological site of Acqua Fredda, one of the most important prehistoric foundries of Europe of the late bronze age (XIII-XI century BC). 
The archaeologists at the site have brought to light a battery of nine rectangular shaped smelting furnaces about 50 cm long and wide. Apart from the ovens, other instruments for working copper have also been found, such as the mill stones that reduced the mineral to sand or “flour” and the terminal parts (in pottery) of the bellows used to keep the temperature at around 1200°C. Remains of wooden objects, such as shovels, poles, a plank, are probably what is left of a roof, fencing, work table etc. There is also an interesting decorated bronze brooch dating back to the end of the bronze age (XI century BC), which probably belonged to a metal worker. 
The site is evidence of the intense and extensive activity of copper working, a metal that is no longer present in the pure state in Trentino, and which therefore had to be produced by means of a complex procedure.  
The site is open to the public and can be visited free of charge all the year round. It also has explanatory panels that illustrate the functioning of the ovens and the life of the population of the time. Car park and refreshments available in the immediate vicinity.