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Slow living, rediscovering the leisurely pace of the mountain

Situated at 850 m a.s.l., surrounded by villages clinging to mountainsides and dry-walled terracing, the unmistakable characteristic of a wine-producing landscape modelled by centuries of hard work and love for the mountain.

The people, history and strong sense of belonging in Grumes expressed an enthusiastic desire for the future: for over ten years it has been involved in a shared project for development of sustainable tourism, rooted in the identity of places and respect for the environment.

The philosophy of slow living, and its rediscovery of village and mountain life has led Grumes to join the Cittaslow network, the Città del Buon Vivere (good-living towns), of which it is the smallest representative in the world.

Trails crisscrossing this area allow visitors to discover it at a slow pace, walking through its quiet woods, ancient workshops, streams and mountain lakes.  After a walk, do not miss an opportunity to taste Val di Cembra’s typical food and wine, at the new Green Grill - Info e Sapori, the info point for the Rete delle Riserve Alta Valle di Cembra-Avisio and somewhere to taste and buy local produce.

Grumes is also in the heart of the Rete delle Riserve Alta Val di Cembra-Avisio, the network set up to promote and protect the environment in upper Val di Cembra and the River Avisio, an area still mainly unspoilt, with the aim of developing sustainable economic activities to help the local communities.