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Down to the cellar and distillery


The Cembra Valley has a long tradition of vine growing; the characteristic terraces defined by the lines of the dry stone walls, recently become a UNESCO intangible heritage, create a unique mountain agricultural landscape.

The wine and the grappa - white and aromatic - are the main products of the territory: from the skilled hands and ingenuity of the local producers, wines of great quality and specificity are born. The porphyritic terroir, for example, gives rise to the famous Müller Thurgau, the best known and appreciated of Cembra white wines, the typical straw yellow color and unmistakable aromatic notes.

If you are curious to discover the world of wine with its secrets and alchemy, come down to the cellar and distillery with us!.

The Cembrani D.O.C. open the doors of their cellars and distilleries, to let you discover, learn and taste, accompanied by expert guides, the wines and grappas of the Cembra Valley.


All year every Tuesday at 17.00 -> visit to the distilleries
All year every Friday at 15.00 -> visit to the cellars

Place:Cembrani D.O.C. cellars and distilleries in the Cembra Valley
Information and registration: RESERVATION IS REQUIRED by 12.00 on the same day at Cembrani DOC cell. (+39) 393 5503104,,