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Berries, chestnuts and honey


Strawberries are grown mainly in Valle dei Mòcheni, Valsugana and on the Pinè plateau at an altitude ranging from 500 to over 1200 meters.
Above 1500 meters of altitude, a species of raspberries grows, called "ampòmole" because of their vivid color and their slightly lengthened shape. Of the same family are blackberries, a small fruit with a shiny black color and great juiciness. All berries are excellent when used in the making of cakes and semifreddo, ice cream and fruit salads, but they are also easy to combine with some savory dishes.

Another precious fruit for the local economy is the chestnut. Throughout the Cembra Valley there are chestnut groves with centuries-old trees, but its importance was especially relevant for the minucipality of Albiano, where the chestnut is to be found even on the municipal emblem. It is indeed no coincidence that it is exactly in Albiano that farmers are betting on the recovery of chestnut growing techniques and of histotic chestnut orchards.

The honey produced from these mountains has unmistakable qualities, a quintessence of the plants grown in meadows, pastures and woods, it is one of the most important local natural products. The “millefiori” variety is more renowned and widespread; however, some years is possible to find single-flowered productions of acacia, chestnut, linden and fir honeydew, in addition to the precious propolis.