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Home delivery and take away



  • Bio GioVe Medicinal herbs farm, Grumes. Cosmetics, herbal teas, syrups. Cell. 348 3340168.
  • Bio Recchia Stefano farm, Segonzano. Organic eggs. Cell. 348 4286952.
  • Barbarossa farm. Civezzano. Eggs, vegetables and fruit. Cell. 349 1085946
  • Maso Zepp organic farm. Grumes of Altavalle. Bio baskets, vegetables, aromatic herbs, eggs. Info and reservations at tel. 338 5302632 (Marcello)
  • Manuela Zampedri farm, Segonzano. Self-produced seasonal fruit and vegetables. Info and reservations at 328 2172353. Orders via WhatsApp.

Butchers, fishmongers, delicatessens

Bakery products, pastry shops


  • Tondin florist, Cembra. Flowers, ornamental plants, transplants and seeds for the garden, onions, bulbs and tubers, fruit plants, small fruit plants, accessories for home & garden, perfumes and essences for the home by Mathilde M. Covered areas: Valle di Cembra, Faedo , Valfloriana, Capriana, Fornace, Albiano. Tel. at 0461 683450.

Restaurants and Pizzerias

  • Maso Sveseri, Sover. Reservations by calling or writing via WhatsApp at 349 4592014. Menu and info available on the Facebook page.


  • Cooperative of Giovo. Home deliveries to the needy by calling 0461 684264.
  • Cooperative of Grumes. Home delivery in the municipality by calling 0461 685004.

Wineries and distilleries

  • Baroni a Prato Cellar, Segonzano. White and red wines. Info and orders at +39 347 7593662 or on Use the discount code #baronecasa before concluding your order and you shipping costs will be cancelled, as delivery to the areas mentioned is free with a minimum of 6 bottles.
  • Cembrani D.O.C .. Wines, sparkling wines, liqueurs, spirits and local products produced by the associated companies Pilzer Distillery, Simoni Farm, Zanotelli Farm, Paolazzi Distillery, Nicolodi Alfio Winery and Cembra Cantina di Montagna. Info and reservations:; Cell. 393 5503104.
  • Villa Corniole Winery

Food and wine products

  • Green Grill - Info e Sapori, Grumes di Altavalle. Delivery of local products to the Cembra Valley. Search for the product you are interested in on the website Info and orders at or via WhatsApp at 346 2799154.




  • Apicoltura Gocce d'oro, Bedollo. Organic Honey and Organic Officinalis. Wildflower honey 250g, linden 250g and 500g, chestnut 250g, balsamic (propolis, mountain pine, eucalyptus), energy (pollen, propolis, royal jelly). Organic infusions, pack of 10 filters (2 cups each), heart warmer (aromatic taste, sweet, evening magic (relaxing), smile (digestive), alpine gems (balsamic), friendship (delicate). Organic elderberry syrup. 389 4707784,
  • Natura al Trotto Educational Farm, Baselga di Piné. Bro. Miola. Garden products. Tel. at 349 8646041.
  • Naturalmente Selvatica Io farm, Civezzano. Herbal teas, syrups, medicinal and cosmetic plants, zirele, corn flour and seasonal vegetables. Call the cell. 331 1218132.
  • Garnì Villa Lory- The Cheyenne dream, Baselga di Piné. Fruits and vegetables. Tel. 3922828151,,

Food and wine products

  • Trentine excellences, Civezzano. Groceries, fresh cheeses, cured meats, cans. All basic necessities. The store is updating with new products every day. Deliveries mainly in the municipalities of Civezzano, Pergine Valsugana, Calceranica, Caldonazzo, Albiano, Fornace, Baselga di Pinè. Deliveries are currently made within 48 hours of ordering -

Butchers / fishmongers / delicatessens

  • Butcher Casagranda and Piné Salumi, Bedollo. Home delivery service in the municipalities of Bedollo and Sover. For info and orders call 0461 556620.
  • Butcher Franceschi, Baselga di Piné. Meat and sausages. Home delivery in case of red zone Tel. at 0461 557011
  • Butcher Sighel, Baselga di Pinè. Gastronomic products, sausages, meat. Possibility of ordering groceries by phone at 0461 558033.

Pizzerias / restaurants

  • Pizzeria Comparsa Brewery, Montagnaga di Piné. Menu available on the website Orders at 0461 557006.
  • Pizzeria La Talpa, Baselga di Piné - Miola. For information and reservations tel. at 342 778 3805.
  • Risto Pizzeria Camping Cane 'In Fiore *** Holiday Park, Baselga di Piné - loc. Dog. . Menu visible on the webpage Camping Cane 'In Fiore *** Holiday Park. Call 0461 558270
  • Locanda 2 Camini restaurant, Baselga di Piné. Discover the dishes you can order online, how to place your order and how to receive food directly at your home on the website. To place your WhatsApp order at 393 356149624, by calling 0461 557200, email:
  • Monte Croce Restaurant, Brusago. Reservations on WhatsApp at 329 1539954 (Arturo).
  • Restaurant Pizzeria Sergio, Baselga di Piné. Reservation at 0461 557124.

Bakery products, pastry shops

  • Pastry shop Gelateria Serraia, Baselga di Piné. Takeaway service active starting from Saturday 2 May; for information and reservations Tel. 348 0513238.
  • Pinetana pastry shop, Baselga di Pinè. Cakes, ice cream, brioches, fresh pastries, biscuits, ground coffee and gluten-free products (bread, fresh pasta, ravioli, biscuits and cakes). Info:, tel. 347 6941002.



  • Floriculture Ioriatti, Baselga di Piné. Home delivery in the municipalities of Baselga, Bedollo; in Valfloriana, Albiano and nearby areas on request and if there is a minimum of goods to be delivered. Call 0461 1918234, WhatsApp at 349 4231945,

Clothing and shoes


  • Deva Stationery, Baselga di Piné. Info and orders tel. 0461 558817.
  • Morelli Pharmacy, Baselga di Piné. Info and orders via Facebook (Messenger) or by phone at 0461 557026.
  • Lineacolor Piné Colorificio, Baselga di Piné. Info and orders on tel. 0461 558866,, WhatsApp at 349 3416753.
  • PINE 'GAS Hardware and Agriculture. Sale of manure, soil and fertilizers. We deliver to your home. For orders call us at the shop at 0461 557165.