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Local Producers


Milk, eggs and cheeses
Maso Prener Farm, Baselga di Piné village, Br. Rizzolaga, Loc. Preneri. Cell. 340 5428531. Dairy products, raw milk. During the summer it is also possible to buy the products in Malga Stramaiolo
Le Mandre Farm, Bedollo village, Via S. Osvaldo, 37. Tel. 0461 556709. Dairy products and raw milk
Paolazzi M. Rosa farm, Cembra village, Viale Bonfanti, 11. Tel. 0461 683336. Raw milk distributor
Onorato Matteo farm, Segonzano municipality, Loc. Ronchi. Cell. 340 1678323. Dairy products with goat milk and sausages
Bazzanella Remo farm, Sover village, Loc. Slosseri, 4 / a. Cell. 348 7262350. Dairy products
Maso Zepp synergic farm , Altavalle municipality, Br. Grumes, loc. Maso Giovanni, 7. Cell. 338 5302632, Eggs and vegetables
Coccodè Farm of Brigadue Elisa, Bedollo village, Via Ronchi, 2. Cell. 348 9009631. Fresh and organic eggs
Maso Al Sole Farm, Civezzano village, Via alle Cavade, 12. Cell. 340 2301441. Organic eggs, fruit and vegetables, wine
Recchia Stefano organic farm, Segonzano municipality, Br. Sevignano, 1 / d. Cell. 348 4286952. Eggs
Tondini Andrea organic farm, Segonzano municipality, Br. Sevignano. Cell. 320 8481785. Eggs
Barbarossa Farm, Civezzano village, Strada di Maso Zandonà, 30. Cell. 3491085946. Outdoor farm eggs, vegetables, fruit

Meats and cold cuts
Paolazzi butcher, Altavalle municipality, Br. Faver, Via Perlaia, 6. Tel. 0461 683073, Home-made sausages
Linea Carni Sighel butcher, Baselga di Piné village, Via C. Battisti, 49. Tel. 0461 558033, Butchery with home-made sausages, mushroom and game ragout
Piné Salumi and Piné Bontà shop, Bedollo village, Br. Centrale, via Verdi, 15 / c. Tel. 0461 555235, Butchery with sausages of own production, at the Piné Bontà point also honey, jams, cheeses, wines and grappas
Franceschi Andrea butcher, Baselga di Piné village, Corso Roma, 34. Tel. 0461 557011. Butcher with sausages of own production
Paolazzi Luigi Butcher, Cembra village, Piazza S. Rocco, 2. Tel. 0461 683120. Butchery with sausages of own production
Zanotelli butcher, Cembra village, Viale IV Novembre, 35. Tel. 0461 683012. Butchery with own sausages, pastry and gastronomy
Zendron butcher, Lisignago village, Via Galleria, 7. Tel. 0461 683064. Butchery with sausages of own production

Small fruits, medicinal herbs and honey
Lona Franco organic farm, Albiano, Via Baldessari 15 - cell. 335 8434831. Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, chestnuts, wine grapes
Faustini Alma farm, Altavalle municipality, Br. Grauno, fields near Via Centrale. Cell. 329 1536733. Small fruits
Nardin Michele and Mauro farm, Altavalle municipality, Br. Faver, Via Costor, 8 - Cell. 329 4018528. Apples, wine, potatoes, sauerkraut, processed fruit and small fruits
Zatta Lorena Farm, Altavalle municipality, Br. Valda, Loc. Maso Bornie, 4. Cell. 349 4068062. Raspberries and blueberries
Ioriatti Andrea farm, Baselga di Piné village, point of sale in loc. Lido, open in the months of July and August. Small fruits
La Cà sul Lago farm, Baselga di Piné village, Loc. Sternigo al Lago, 87. Tel. 0461 554013, cell. 348 7902423, Small fruits, syrups, jams and ice creams of own production made with small fruits
Zanei Giuseppe shop, Baselga di Piné village, Via C. Battisti, 86. Tel. 0461 557244/349 1850672 , Grappas, spirits, small fruits, vegetables and mushrooms
Palulonga Farm of Paolazzi Cornelia, Lisignago village, Piazza 4 Novembre, 38. Cell. 329 2192375. Small fruits, and officinal plants
Mirtilla organic farm, Segonzano municipality, Br. Gaggio, 17. Cell. 347 2500034/346 0836089. Small fruits, syrups, jams and organic vegetables
Giovannini Carlo apiculture, Baselga di Piné village, Via di Ricaldo, 9. Cell. 348 6519492. Honey, propolis and pollen of own production
Gocce d'Oro apiculture - Beekeeping and Herb Garden, Bedollo village, Br. Piazze, via Marconi, 35. Tel. 0461 556037, cell. 334 6755690, Home-made honey and beehive products, handicrafts made of pure beeswax, products based on medicinal plants, cosmetics with medicinal plants and beehive products
Stenico Stefano beekeeping, Fornace village, Via del Borgolet, 30. Tel. 0461 849375, cell. 340 4738900. Home-produced honey and beehive products​​​​​​​
Villotti Umberto beekeeping, Segonzano municipality, Via Saletto, 22. Tel. 0461 686242, cell. 3282481585. Home-made honey and beehive products
La Craiz organic farm, Segonzano municipality, Br. Sevignano, 50. Cell 339 1835846. Honey and products from the hive, fruit of ancient varieties
Vettori Beekeeping, Sover village, Br. Piscine, Via del Lagorai, 48. Cell. 348 4258325. Honey from our own production and beehive products
GioVe Erbe Officinali farm, Altavalle municipality, Br. Grumes, via S. Lucia, 8. Cell. 348 3340168, Officinal herbs, cosmetics, herbal teas, syrups
NATURAalTROTTO educational farm, Baselga di Piné village, Br. Miola, Loc. Poggio dei Pini. Cell. 349 8646041. Infusions, syrups, jams, aromatic and cosmetic salts made with officinal plants grown on the farm
Piperita farm, Cembra village, via Casgnè, 9. Cell. 339 4711040. Officinal herbs, aromatic salts, syrups, apple juice and cosmetics
Naturalmente selvatica io of Debiasi Giulia shop, Civezzano municipality, Br. Magnago, 9. Cell. 3311218132. Herbal teas, syrups, medicinal plants, Zirele (flavored sugar candies), corn flour and edible flowers
Tutti nello stesso campo shop, Civezzano village, Viale Spianade. Tel. 04611532066. Vegetables, medicinal plants, jams, fruit juices, 100% apple juice, sauerkraut, syrups
F.lli Franch farm, Giovo municipality, Br. Palù, Loc. Maso Pomarolli, 10. Tel. 0461 684571, cell. 349 7340203. Wine, apples, fruit and seasonal vegetables.
Zendron Fernandafarm, Albiano, cell. 329 425 3181,, Fruit and seasonal vegetables.

Green Grill - Info e Sapori shop, Altavalle municipality, Br. Grumes, Strada Statale 612, Masi di Grumes crossroads. Cell. 346 2799154 ​​- Wines, grappas, craft beers, cheeses, honey, jams, herbal teas, syrups, juices and cosmetics
Ravanelli Giorgio organic farm, Albiano, Via S. Colomba, 5 - cell. 335 8157361. Chestnuts, walnuts, vegetables, wine grapes
Scarpa Nicola farm, Fornace village, Via Ai Monti, 7. Cell. 347 7018164. Chestnuts
Il Recinto farm, Albiano, Via Verdi, 23 - Cell. 338 7828355, Snails and snail based gourmet products
Lorandi shop, Civezzano village, Via Roma, 22 / a. Cell 347 8826269. Zirele: flavored sugar candies
La Casa della Pasta shop, Baselga di Piné village, Corso Roma, 51. Cell. 3332267242. Stuffed fresh pasta, potato gnocchi
Moar Giovanni and Vittorio organic farm, Cembra village. Cell. 329 7564397/333 9531199. Grapes and Wine
Zanotelli Elio e F.lli farm, Cembra village, Viale IV Novembre, 52. Tel. 0461 683131. Apple juice, wines
Zanotelli Silvio farm, Cembra village, Loc. Maso Vac. Cell. 349 3850840. Wines, grappas and apple juice