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Baselga di Piné, from 21.12.2020 to 15.02.2021

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This year the long tradition of cribs, to which we are very fond, takes a break and leaves room for a new format for families, to live outdoors and safely:

  • CATCH RENÉ! THE REINDEER WALKING THROUGH PINÉ [From 21 December to 15 february]  We introduce you to René, the protagonist of the game that will lead you to discover curiosities and information about our magnificent territory. Follow the route and collect the points necessary to win and collect your prize: the cup of the event and a discount voucher to spend in the shops of the Piné Plateau! During your "hunt" let yourself be intrigued and entertained by the thematic cues designed for you! Discover the game: CLICK HERE
  • LOCAL DELIGHTS [From 21 December to 15 february]  To complete the format we offer a food and wine review, to introduce you to and offer you the best of local productions, to be enjoyed in participating restaurants! Discover how varied and quality our food and wine proposal can be: excellent local wines, cheeses, cold cuts, meats and even flours with km-0 production. Let yourself be inspired and swallowed by the menus that have been created specifically for you! From the most romantic and refined gourmet menu, to a more rustic and tasty pizza to enjoy with friends! Always remember that booking is mandatory, for everyone's safety.  Before you leave, pick up the cute tribute! Discover the review: CLICK HERE

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If this is not enough for you, here are a few more reasons to visit us: you will always find a warm welcome from us; a lively old town with lots of lights, the Christmas atmosphere and the shops, bars and restaurants open and ready to receive you!

Also, do not miss our tips on winter activities: from skating to horseback riding, from scenic trekking to relaxing lakeside walks, on the Piné Plateau winter is all to live!
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