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Dragon Silver Festival Piné

Baselga di Piné, from 16.07.2022 to 17.07.2022

Two intense days of sport, fun and lots of music in the unmissable and long-awaited Dragon Silver festival 2022.

The Dragonboat is an exciting sport practiced aboard original boats with the head and tail of a dragon! It is a sport spread all over the world that is practiced on standard boats, 12.66 m long and 1.06 m wide, propelled by 20 athletes who use the paddles to the rhythm set by a drummer. At the stern of the boat a helmsman holds the direction.


Saturday 16 July:

  • 10.00 Opening of the event
  • 11.30 am Opening of the bar and kitchen
  • 1.30 pm Start of the Dragon Sprint sports competition
  • 20.00 Award ceremony
  • From 21.00 to 01.00 Musical Entertainment with DJ Set (Dolce Vita Events)

Sunday 17 July

  • 10.00 am Opening of the event
  • 11.30 am Opening of the bar and kitchen
  • 2.30 pm Beginning of the goliardic competition
  • 5.00 pm Award ceremony with Dragon snack
  • From 17.00 to 20.00 Aperitif with the boys of the "Carbo Gang" from 17.00 to 20.00
  • From 17.00 to 24.0 Musical entertainment with live music "Elissa" and "Rumtopf."

Where: Alberon beach on Lake Serraia
When: Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July 2022
Organize: A.S.D. Dragon Piné.
Info: Tel: 348 800 9767-