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Small fruits and Chestnuts

Strawberries, raspberries, bilberries, blackcurrants and blackberries to mention just a few


While a particular species of raspberry called “ampòmole” due to its intense colour and slightly elongated shape grows at up to 1500 metres. The same family also includes blackberries, a tiny fruit, shiny black in colour and very juicy.

All these soft fruits are excellent for use in confectionery and pastries, in cakes and desserts, ice creams and fruit salads, but they are also perfect in some savoury dishes.

Another fruit valuable for the economy in the past was the chestnut. There are chestnut groves all over Valle di Cembra and in the past these secular trees were protected by special unwritten laws. The chestnut was especially important in Albiano, where it even stands proud on the municipal coat of arms. And Albiano is where, today, they are recuperating chestnut tree growing techniques and protecting the historic groves.




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