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A day with “Ape Maia”

What about spending the morning in the discovery of the world of bees and of their model society?


No better way to do it than enjoying a tour with Michela and her collaborators at the firm Apicoltura Gocce d’oro - Giardino d’Erbe.
Every Tuesday morning, from early June till early September, you will have the chance to get to know the hive hierarchy, from queen bee to nurse bees, from worker bees to cleaner bees. With the help of the didactical hive you will understand the role bees play, how they move and work together to keep their kingdom - and our ecosystem - in balance.

A sweet final moment cannot be done without: the tasting of different varieties of honey, one of the numerous products that the firm can provide thanks to these industrious man’s friends.

Period: from June, 24th, thru September, 8th

Time: 9.30 – 11.30

Place: “Gocce d'Oro – Apicoltura e Giardino d'Erbe”, Piazze di Bedollo

Dedicated to: families, adults

Registration: within 18.00 of the day before the visit, at “A.p.T. Piné Cembra”

Availability: 25 persons, minimum 12 persons

Organizer: “Gocce d'Oro - Apicoltura e Giardino d'Erbe”

Information: A.p.T. Piné Cembra, tel. 0461 557028,