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Civil Theatre Festival

Altavalle, from 01.08.2019 to 23.08.2019

06.08.2019, 08.08.2019, 11.08.2019, 13.08.2019, 15.08.2019, 18.08.2019, 20.08.2019 and 23.08.2019

The characteristic places of the four countries of Altavalle, suburbs, plazas, streets, fractions, will entertain, besides theshowof Civil Theater Festival with the participation of the people of Altavalle, the proposals of various actors and companies, meetings with directors and important tied up realities in the theater and the narration of community in Italy.

Event location: Faver, Grauno, Grumes e Valda

Organised by: Associazione Punto Doc Trento e Sviluppo Turistico Grumes.

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