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A song for us - 14th edition

Baselga di Piné, from 28.04.2018 to 29.04.2018

The main aim of this competition is to involve elementary school pupils in a project (writing song lyrics) that is a group effort, guided by the teacher, in which they can express their imagination and creativity, but also develop themes and concepts studied in class. Not only, “Un testo per noi” also aspires to provide a creative approach to music for children and, at the same time, produce new songs for children that become an effective, permanent means of communication. It also intends to promote a European dimension, creating opportunities for intercultural dialogue between those who will form the Europe of tomorrow and to contribute the spreading of the Italian language in Europe (lyrics written in other countries must be at least partly in Italian). The winning lyrics will be set to music by famous music composers, the competition will conclude with the European Song Festival for Children, held on 28 and 29 April 2018 in Baselga di Piné.

The deadline for sending in the lyrics is 17 February 2017.

Entry to the competition is free of charge.

Event location: Ice Rink Piné

Organisers: Piné Tourist Office and Piccole Colonne Choir

For further information: +39 0461 557028