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15° European Festival of Children Songs 2020 POSTPONED

Baselga di Piné, from 24.04.2020 to 25.04.2020



The "European Children's Song Festival" is a unique event in the world!
It is organized by the Piccole Colonne Choir Association.

The Festival will be the event that will conclude the 15th edition of the "Un Testo per noi" international competition in which primary school and kindergarten classes from all countries have been invited to invent the lyrics of a song.
The elaborated judged winners were later set to music by great names of Italian pop music and will be presented at the Festival with the interpretation of the Piccole Colonne choir conducted by Adalberta Brunelli, while the classes, authors of the lyrics, will animate and dance their song.

The 15th edition of the European Children's Song Festival will take place at the Ice Rink Piné in Baselga di Piné (TN) on Saturday 25 April at 20.30 and Sunday 26 April at 15.00 in collaboration with the Apt Plateau of Piné and Valle di Cembra, the Ice Rink Piné, the Alta Valsugana and Bersntol Community, the Municipality of Piné, the BIM, the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Trentino Alto-Adige Region.

During the two shows, the authoring classes of the winning texts will be awarded the 15th edition of the "Un Testo per noi" competition and the songs created on their texts will be presented.

The musicians who transformed the winning texts into songs for the 15th edition and who will invited to the evenings are: Al Bano, Paolo Baldan Bembo, Mo Diego Basso, Adalberta Brunelli, Sandro Comini, Franco Fasano, Mo Alterisio Paoletti , Maurizio Piccoli and Lodovico Saccol.



Event location: Ice Rink Piné
Organisers: Piné Tourist Office and Piccole Colonne Choir
For further information: +39 0461 557028