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El Paés dei Presepi - Crib Christmas Village

Baselga di Piné, from 08.12.2017 to 07.01.2018

9.12.2017, 10.12.2017, 16.12.2017, 17.12.2017, 23.12.2017, 26.12.2017, 27.12.2017, 28.12.2017, 29.12.2017, 30.12.2017, 31.12.2017, 1.1.2018, 2.1.2018, 3.1.2018, 4.1.2018, 5.1.2018, 6.1.2018, 7.1.2018 and 07.01.2018

Imagine arriving on the plateau, white with snow, to walk soft-footed in the silent landscape or in the narrow alleys of a small mountain village, to admire the play of light on a frozen lake ... with your dearest friends and family. This is our Christmas atmosphere. Far from the lights, din, crowded streets and shop windows.
For almost twenty years, the town of Miola, on the Altopiano di Piné, has been transformed at Christmas into a great nativity scene, composed of countless small works of art placed under porches and vaults, in stable windows or inside historic fountains.
Here the spirit of the Nativity can be felt with every footstep, as the whole community, year after year, take part in the celebration with a genuine effort. Christmas is experienced as a sincere occasion for meditation and sharing the Christmas spirit with all those who choose the Altopiano di Piné as their winter holiday destination. 
Every glimpse of this characteristic village is an image worthy of being framed. Every crib is a small work of art produced by clever and skilled hands.
Alpine choirs and travelling bands will bring great cheer to Miola on the days listed. Games for kids and shows for adults will also add to the festive atmosphere. The small square of S. Rocco will be the backdrop to a Christmas Market offering local wine and food as well as objects produced by local craftsmen from the Altopiano di Piné and Valle di Cembra. A food stall will also be present offering local specialities and hot tea or mulled wine.

Event location: Miola di Piné
Dates: 8 - 9 - 10 - 16 - 17  and 23 December, from 26 December 2017 to 7 January 2018
For further information: A.p.T. (Tourist Board) Piné Cembra tel. (+39)0461 557028
Organisers: A.p.T. (Tourist Board) Piné Cembra and La Grénz de Miola