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The strong identity and affection for local products are important aspects of the tourist offer on the Piné Plateau in the Cembra Valley and in the towns of Civezzano and Fornace.
There are a variety of forms and contents expressed in a genuine relationship with the guest. For us, tourist is never just a number, and tourism is never just an economic sector, but an integral part of life, which takes on a certain importance in respect of the other activities because it supports professions and investments aimed at upgrading and protecting the environment. The territory conserves the fascination of an “undiscovered” land, where, continuing the traditions of the past, the excellent wines, cheeses, honey, salamis and delicious forest fruits are still produced today. The Piné Plateau, with the splendid Lakes Serraia, Piazze and Buse, is located at an altitude of 1000 metres, with a wealth of naturalistic attractions. The obviously mountainous environment is suitable for the whole family and the base for fascinating excursions in the high mountains, relaxing lakeside walks, outings to the mountain farms, and cycling or walking itineraries also to discover towns and villages with important religious art treasures. The Cembra Valley is not far away:  a garden of vineyard terraces held in place by hundreds of kilometres of dry stone walls, stretching from the depths of the gorge up the steep mountainside. A land of aromatic mountain wines, including the famous Müller Thurgau, the valley is at the centre of a wine-gastronomy itinerary which is certainly worth discovering. Civezzano and Fornace, lying on the gentle hillsides of the Calisio, offer the more interested guest a scientific-didactic itinerary, unique of its kind: the Ecomuseo Argentario recounts the history of the last thousand years, describing one of the oldest and most prestigious mining activities of Europe.