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Holiday Offers

From spring to autumn, there are many opportunities to get to know the area: holidays that are regenerating, relaxing, cultural, active, sports or explosive, to let off steam and get rid of stress; a clever combination for all tastes, for families, adults, young people or groups of friends.




The hotel nestles in a quiet location in the town center, next to the Serraia lake. Pleasant walks, suitable for all ages, are the perfect opportunity  ...

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The offers of the Piné plateau, Cembra Valley, Fornace and Civezzano include traditional, wine and gastronomy, cultural and sports appointments. 10 weeks in the summer (from 25nd June to 2th September) with programme planned day by day, for the pleasure of your stay, as well as 27 great events, complete the activities organised by the associations and local bodies.


Altopiano di Piné Valle di Cembra

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