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The Cascata del Lupo Path

One of the classic walks in the district of  Bedollo

One of the classic walks in the district of Bedollo is that which leads to the Cascata del Lupo (the Wolf's Waterfall), from which one can then continue to the Earth Pyramids of Segozano.
The Cascata del Lupo is certainly one of the places which must not be missed, for the beauty of the place and of the waterfall, without doubt the most famous of the Plateau.
Behind the villages of Varda and Piazze, the path descends into the valley formed by the Regnana river to the very high and fascinating waterfall. The centre of Piazze (1,027 m) is the starting point of the path which descends into the gorge of the waterfall. The path leads downwards, descending quickly: at some points the descent is facilitated by steps and a handrail. At the bottom, you find the beautiful waterfall.
To return, you can either take the same path, or you can continue on to the Earth Pyramids of Segonzano. 

Itinerary: Piazze, the church square (1,027) – Campo de Sot – Cascata del Lupo (946 m). From the Cascata del Lupo, you can reach the Pyramids of Segonzano in one hour 50 minutes, by means of Path C37. Cascata del Lupo (946 m) – Strente (871 m) – Le Laite (852 m) – SAT 406 – Junction C38 – Rio Regnana Road – the Earth Pyramids of Segonzano (604 m)
Time needed: 1 hour 10 min.
Departure and arrival point: Piazze
Altitude difference: 81 m