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Roccolo del Sauch

Very ancient system for catching birds

Roccolo del Sauch, in the Municipality of Giovo, is a very ancient system for catching birds.
It is a plant construction of beech and pine trees, especially interwoven and pruned in order to create a tunnel with a grassy sward in the middle. When a large number of birds were on the sward in the middle of the tunnel, a scarecrow was waved from the hut, preceded by the bird catcher's whistle. The birds fled horizontally, straight into an almost invisible net stretched between the arches of the tunnel.
Bird catching has been forbidden since 1968 and the centre was reopened in 1993 as an observatory and a didactic environmental centre. The APPA (Agenzia Provinciale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente - Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment) organises and manages a network of nature guides who can illustrate the environmental and ethnographic features of the surrounding territory.