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Beekeeping and Herb Garden

Detoxing experience with immersion in the Bio-Hive

Relax and open your senses to your very own moment of wellbeing and chilling in our BIO-HIVE, in total safety.
Lying on a bed of Alpine straw, you will start your multisensorial journey of discovery into the world of the bees and the benefits of their products. You will smell the fragrances of the hive (honey, wax and propolis release unique aromas into the air, rich in essential oils and balsamic resins), taste the delicacy of mountain herbs and the sweetness of honey in a herbal tea. 

This innovative aromatherapy practice is accompanied by “apisound”: the buzzing of the bees in fact has the same frequency as many sounds in nature and it promotes relaxation with a sensation of serenity. 

Period: bookings only, from mid-June to mid-September
Times: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm - activity lasting approx. 1 hour
Maximum no. of participants: 4 at a time
Place: Gocce d’Oro/Drops of Gold - Beekeeping and Herb Garden in Piazze
Cost: € 15.00 
Booking: Gocce d’Oro/Drops of Gold - Beekeeping and Herb Garden in Piazze, tel. +39 0461 556037, mob. +39 334 6755690